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Friday, April 29, 2005


I finally got a copy of Siglo:Freedom which won the National Book Award for Best Comic Book of the Year. Thanks to Dean Alfar.

While I am not much of a comic book reader, Siglo:Freedom gave me a new perspective on comic books. You see, the last comic book I bought was in the early 80's. And most the comic books I know involved some type of leotard-wearing flying superhero, but Siglo had none of these.

Siglo:Freedom is a collection of graphic stories about the Filipino experience of freedom. What makes this comic book different is first, some of the stories were written by some of the great minds of Filipino literature. The likes of Dean Alfar, Nikki Alfar, Vin Simbulan (ok..ok..they're my friends but they ARE multiawarded writers). Secondly, Siglo was inked by some of the best filipino illustrators today, Andrew Drilon, Gerry Alanguilan, Marco Dimaano, Elbert Or, among others.

Siglo:Freedom is no ordinary comic book. It is a piece of literature that one should read, whether you like comic books or not, Siglo:Freedom must have a space in your book rack.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm Working Out!

Wifey and I finally had our first session at the gym yesterday. The personal trainer was surprised that I can walk 5kms at 4.2km/hr, thanks to practice walking during sinulog and street photography.hehehe.

He suggests that I get more cardivascular workout since I cannot lift weights because of an injured shoulder.

Yes, my abs hurt from 75 crunches. such cruelty!

But I do look forward for another session tommorow hopefully. Treadmill here I come!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Salida: After Action Report

Aside from the mixed reactions I received with the showing of Alingawngaw ng mga Punglo by STexposure everything went well. Programming needs a little tweaking and how to get rid of the dead air during band set up is something that needs a little work.

As the lights were shut off and the films were being shown, I looked how the audience were so absorbed with watching the films. A mixture of curiosity, amazement and wonder were evident in their faces as scenes and films changed.

The effort put into this project was well worth it, being able to show these films to the public was worth back ache I am suffering from right now.

I'd like to thank the filmmakers that have entrusted me with their films and Handuraw events Cafe and sponspors for making SALIDA possible.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Filmmaker = Wedding Videographer?

I have been asked so many times if I can do their wedding video. And countless are the times I have been tempted to say "no, but I'll do the bride if you don't mind." But trying to be as polite as I can be, I often say "Can I just refer you to a friend who does this kind of thing.", luckily being a semi-pro photographer I do have contacts with people in the video coverage "industry".

I wonder if other filmmakers get this. I mean, sure, yeah, doing wedding videos will put money in my pocket for SineBuano's next project but I simply refuse to go that route.

Oh, did I ever tell you, my dear friends, that I DO have a day job?


Salida Press Release

On April 23, 2005 the local film group SineBuano,
in cooperation with the management of Handuraw Café,
has scheduled a public screening of six critical indie
short films on digital format.
 Benjie Ordoñez, the group's executive director,
said the screening,which will be held at the café's lounge,
has aptly been dubbed the Salida and will present works
such as much talked-about Alingawngaw ng Punglo and
  Alingawngaw, produced by STExposure, is a controversial
expose of human rights abuses in the Southern Tagalog

Two of the people who were featured on the film were
murdered and killed during production.
 Binaliw, meanwhile, is written and directed by Kristoffer
Villarino, a Gawad CCP Awardee.
 The other films include The Witness, produced by
Sinebuano, Gabay: A Sinulog Video Documentary by Remton
Zuasola,Bitin na Pagibig by Victor Villanueva, the 2nd
prize winner of the M.O.V. Smart Shorts, and Theresa by
Norbert Elnar.
  "With Salida, we hope to provide our independent
filmmakers a stage for their creation," Ordoñez said.
 Salida will not be all films, however, as Urban Dub,
Smooth Friction, The Powerspoonz and Brownian Method are
taking part in the event sponsored by the
International Pharmaceuticals Inc.,,, AXS Access Value Card, Signa Modena,
93.1 Smash FM and Sun.Star Cebu.
 Handuraw Café is located at the Old Coaco bldg., 
MJ Cuenco St
., Mabolo, Cebu City. It starts at 8pm.

Monday, April 18, 2005


It looks like there's a change on the band line up. According to Zarah Smith of Handuraw Cafe, the line up is now:

Brownian Method
Smooth Friction

Other than that things are going well. We will have a technical run-through on Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Salida is the official event title for the Handuraw film screening event to be held on April 23, 2005. According to our latest meeting, 2 Cebuano bands will also be part of this event namely Junior Kilat and Powerspoonz.

There will also be slight changes in the program. Decided by a draw of lots by those present during the meeting (Zarah Smith, Ron Heri Tan, Jurly and Doreen Maloloy-on, Magene Ordoñez and I) the following films will be shown:

1. Alingawngaw ng Punglo by STExposure
2. Binaliw by Kristoffer Villarino
3. Bitin na Pagibig by Victor Villanueva
4. The Witness by Jurly Maloloy-on
5. Theresa by Norbert Elnar
6. Gabay by Remton

A P75.00 entrance fee will also be asked at the gate. (This took at least an hour of lively discussion, whether or not to charge)

Mark your calendars folks! Show starts at 8pm.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Free Film Screening At Handuraw Cafe

On April 23, 2005 at 8pm Handuraw Cafe and SineBuano will present a film screening of Digital Short Films. The films to be screened, as of writing, are:

1. The Witness
2. Colon: Paglantaw
3. Obsession
4. Theresa
5. Serrante Serrano
6. Drugs Kills
7. Duha Duha

and Special Thanks to STExposure for letting me show their controversial film "Alingawngaw ng Punglo".

Also, if schedules will permit, we will also have Cebu's premiere reggae band J.R. Kilat to play afterwards.

Handuraw is located at the Old Coaco Bldg., M J Cuenco Ave., Cebu City.

click here for a map

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Friends Who Make You Learn.

I miss talking with friends whose intelligence makes me feel that I have a lot to learn. I'm talking about friends like Dean Alfar and his lovely wife Nikki, Vinnie Simbulan, Andrew Mercado and Dennis Mojado. These are the people I love being with. These are the people that I don't mind spending countless hours just chattering about while the air is filled with cigarette smoke.

Listening attentively and making mental notes about what was discussed that night. Wondering how their imaginations lead them to such creativitiy. Not minding the time that has gone by and not realizing the time of the day.

Yes, I am lucky to have such friends. No matter how far they are or how seldom we get in touch, they will remain friends. Geez, how I miss them.