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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Getting A Beautiful Lover Wet Part 2: The Climax

I told Butch that I was done with my shots and started packing my gear after taking a quick snapshot of him driving Denja.

He pushed the throttle of the utility boat to full and it's front end rised as we pushed towards Balicasag. Butch stood up once in a while to look out for corals, bouys and other elements that we might hit. Soon enough he stood up and shouted "dolphins!", we all stood up to marvel at the pod of dolphins as they swam and shouts of "wow!", "yehey!" , "ooh" and "aah" filled the air as these ceteceans frolicked freely in the open sea waters. The only time I saw dolphins were either stuffed, in an aquarium or in one of theose marine shows outside the country.

Butch drove Denja just near enough the pod that they started swimming with the boat. We slowed down to enjoy the show that the dolphins gave us. It was at least a good 10 minutes that we enjoyed the dolphins' company when the pod decided they've impressed us enough and went on with their business. And we went to Balicasag Island.

Balicasag is an impressive sight, a small island surrounded by clear salt water. No wonder it was a haven for divers and snorklers a like. We went around the island once and chose were to dock our boat where the crew of the Magandang Cariad would see us. Butch and our guide skillfully docked the boat and dropped the anchor.

We, quited literally, jumped off the boat and into the water. What I thought was white sand was actually a mixture of small shells and coral stones that were small enough not to hurt the soles of our feet.

I looked at my watched which told me we had only 10 minutes left before we had to go back to our hut, pack our bags head back to the real world. Butch, Jade and I enjoyed the full 10 minutes. We sat by the beach and marveled how lucky we were to be there.

As I told my friends, "An invitation from Andy is something you never say 'No' to".


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Getting A Beautiful Lover Wet Part 1

Karlon Rama of Sunstar Daily Cebu, Atty. Butch Cañares, Atty. Jade Ponce and I sailed off towards Tagbilaran, Bohol last friday upon the invitation of Andy Smith. We've been anticipating this trip for weeks, we've laid out all our plans. After all, it's been months since the four of us got out of our daily routines.

"It is time to get the Beautiful Lover wet" said Andy. Getting her wet was definitely in the iterinary.

In another text message he sent us he said "Catering at launch for about 70 people. Fondue dinner party Saturday evening and picnics and sandwiches on boats over the weekend. Guess who's doing all that?", top that with an all-expense paid stay in Panglao Island. Who could resist such an invitation?

We finally arrived in Libaong Beach in Panglao, and there she was in all her glory. We could not resist but be amazed with her beauty, her perfect curves and how the sun shines upon her. Indeed, she should get wet. We looked at each other and with guileful smiles we seemed to agree that everything was going as planned.

Our host soon greeted us and introduced us to this Beautiful Lover's owner Richard Jones and Martin of Hyde Sails. We said our customary "hellos" and "how are you?" and talked about her beauty and how she compared to anything else. We will know soon enough. "It is time", Richard exclaims.

Richard, accompanied by two female companions, goes up to her and opens a bottle of champagne. He then hands it to one his female companions, who then drowses her with the bubbly drink. The Beautiful Lover is ready.

The 30-foot custom-built Catamaran was built by Junction Boatworks and named "Magandang Cariad", a play of words from two languages (Filipino and Welsh). Literally meaning "Beautiful Lover", was launched in Libaong Beach, Panglao Island. After the formal ceremonies, Richard left the crowd to board her and spent a good hour in what seemed a spiritual moment between boat and skipper.

Marine Engineer Richard Jones was born in Wales, but spends a considerable amount of time in the Philippines. The Magandang Cariad is his third boat.

We were sooned motioned by Richard to come on board as the Magandang Cariad was about to sail to Alona Beach, which was on the other side of Panglao Island. Without hesitation, we boarded her and soon enough did we sail using the boat's engine.

The evening was just as wonderful, a fondue dinner, great wine, wonderful company and british comedy.

Late in the morning Saturday we were on board on another Junction Boatworks masterpiece, a utility powerboat christened "Denja". Yes it was ironic that I had to feel safe in a 40 horsepower engine called "Denja" and No, it wasn't a play of words but it was taken from the names of Andy Smith's parents. And so we sailed off.

With Butch as skipper, he knew that I had to take pictures of the Magandang Cariad in the open sea. Easy he went as I tried to hold on to my gear, hoping to keep it away from the water. We approached the Tiki 30 from it's port side, Butch throttled down and I brought out my camera. The Magandang Cariad unfurled its sails and turned off it's engine. With less than 20 meters distance between the two boats, I started clicking away. As if it was coordinated routine, Butch went around the Tiki 30, as I tried to take pictures of it's every angle.

I was satisfied with the number of shots I got and gave Butch the thumbs up. I packed my gear and Butch gave the boat a good throttle to our new destination, Balicasag Island.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Of Lags and Lizza

I was supposed to write the usual philosophical post on how my past year was and my plans for this coming year. Yeah, for those who don't know and those who forgot, I just turned 35. But as luck will have it, by ISP decided to blow out one of their marine cables and caused the lag of all their customers within my area. So, that being said, I'll have to write that down on my next inspiration.

Meanwhile, I got reconnected, through the wonders of the internet, to an old friend of mine. I met her way back when we were classmates in our elementary class at Benedictine Abbey School in Alabang (now known as San Beda College Alabang), and yes, she blogs. You can read Lizza's blog entitled "I am Woman, See Me Blog".