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Thursday, June 30, 2005


July 1, 2005 is the date for SALIDA: DOS!

Another showcase of Cebuano Independent digital films and Cebuano Independent music.

Films to be shown are:

The Witness by SineBuano
Pusod by SineBuano
Bitin Na Pagmamahal by Victor Villanueva
Miko by Paolo Dy
Obsession by Merrel Tabelon
Theresa by Norbert Elnar
...and more

Performing Bands:

Shiela and the Insects
Missing Filemon
Shadowbox Serenade

Show starts at 8pm

Handuraw Cafe is located at the Old Coaco Bldg., M J Cuenco Ave., Cebu City.
Tickets are pegged at 75 pesos with free slice of pizza or beer.'s a tip: they've got great pizzas!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Greetings from the Airport

After attending to a few personal business in Manila, I'm now about to board the plane going home to Cebu. I shall write about the interesting meetings I had while in Manila and Gino!. See you all in Cebu, at the comfort of my room and my PC.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

WIL and Colon

...and how is everyone?

I had an interesting weekend. As you guys know, our Colon documentary is still in production. Yesterday, I finally had a chance to talk with a group of women called "Women's International League". They have been trying to wrestle Cebu's local government to put up historical markers along Colon, ironically, the government though it was a waste of time and money.

What's interesting is the composition of WIL officers. Imagine, the Chairman of Southwestern University, Owner of a chinese fastfood chain and A real estate mogul in one interview. Over pancit palabok, we exchanged ideas on how and why Colon should be preserved. Time and time again, we were told that the documentary about Colon has a social impact in Cebu's society and how important it is that we be careful about this film. *gasp*

During the interview, an expose came about. How 10 million pesos was supposed to be used for the beautification of Colon and how the local government easily realigned this budget for a more important cause, the election. How only four councilors attended the special session where they were to discuss the importance of these markers, How WIL was discouraged by people in the government saying that Colon is beyond help.

Interesting indeed. What's also interesting is that both Mayor Tommy Osmeña and V-Mayor Mike Rama were direct descendants of original Colon residents. And Rama also claims that while he was young, he was a "Colon boy" delivering eggs and chicken to all restaurants in the area after the war.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

SineBuano Update

Just thought I'd give you guys an update on SineBuano.

I am yet to recieve the footages of Pusod and start editing.

Colon: Ang Paglantaw
We got some more footages for this documentary, however, we still need to interview 2 more people and start writing the script.

DM Judillo has joined SineBuano
The 2nd placer for the 2004 MTV:The Pitch has indeed joined SineBuano. A chemist by day, this 24 year old Cebuano (?) supposedly transforms into a possessed writer by night. He has submitted "Tuwing Tag-ulan", a story of three friends who entertain themselves through imagination.

Tuwing Tag-ulan will be translated into Cebuano and will hopefully be done in time for the next Salida event.

Missing Filemon: MTV
Cheryl Baldicantos of STCinema has informed us that alternative rock band Missing Filemon wants an MTV to be produced by SineBuano. Initial talks regarding this MTV tells us that the song "Sine-Sine" was chosen. Meetings will start this week.

Salida: Dos
Zarah Smith of Handuraw wants to do another Salida on either July 1 or July 9. I'm thinking of asking the International Academy for Film and Telivision (arrgh!) if they'd want to join this time. Films that come to mind for the July event are: "The Witness" by SineBuano, "Obssession" by Merrell Tabuela, "Duha-Duha" by Januar Yap and "Red Saga" by STExposure. Hopefully, either "Pusod" or "Tuwing Tag-ulan" will be done in time for Salida: Dos

Friday, June 10, 2005

Radical Change

For quite sometime now, I sported long and messy locks. Much to wifey's dismay, I was hoping I could sport the hair I had about ten years ago, my hair then reached somewhere near my shoulder of equal length. But in true Benjie fashion and on a spur of the moment boredom, I went to the barbershop I frequented and had it cut to a semi-bald fashion.

Yes folks, I am now semi-bald and will be comb-free for quite sometime.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Plan

My family and I have decided to put up a second and a third business. I am now in the midst of doing a feasibility study of putting up a one-hour photo shop in Cebu and a little food take-out service.

While the business of printing & publishing of textbooks and manufacturing of computer forms are still going strong, wifey and I have decided to put up a two other businesses.

The one-hour photo shop will cost us an estimate of 10m including the purchase of machines, construction, initial inventory and training. Considering that a major fraction of customers will be walk-ins it should be located somewhere in Cebu city near schools, subdivision, banks and where human traffic will be dense. As they say business is about location, location, location!

As of now, there are no partners that will be involved in the project to make things less complicated. I'm also considering buying a franchise from Kodak since, aside from already having a name, I heard they have good after-sales service.

As for the take-out food service, it'll start with a few items on the menu, batchoy and tapsi to start placed in re-useable containers, we will also put in a table for people who could not wait to bring them home. We are also thinking of making deliveries around the area since a number of establishments have slowly started placing themselves in Talamban. This will be a home-based operation. Estimated initial value is around 10k including cookwares, inventory and initial wages for people involved. We still have to find the right suppliers, if you are one please email me.

This is what's good about Cebu's business climate. Since it is still booming there is a lot of elbow room for people to build new businesses. The market is very raw and very eager to try out new establishments and new ideas. This is also the reason why people in Luzon have chosen to move to Cebu. Be reminded though that Cebuanos are a thrifty and skeptic bunch, quality and price are always a factor in doing business here.

This reminds me of the time when I used to be part-owner of a manila-based .com company and travel agency along with my main business. While it took it's toll, it was a joy to see things come together. I had to give both up since I moved to Cebu and having businesses a few thousand miles away wasn't really my cup of tea.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What Pain ?

After much prodding from wife, I finally decided to go to a Chiropractor. You see, I've had this terrible pain in the neck almost every day for the past 3 weeks, this usually occurs after having been seated for a long time. And between my day job, driving, surfing on the net and even the little writing I do, I spend at least eight hours everyday seated.

From the little fact I've known about Chiropractic medicine, it supposedly re-aligns your spine to its proper position. I remember my brother-in-law going to a Chiropractor every so often to relieve his lower back pain.

So there we were, at a Chiropractor's office patiently waiting for my turn, which by the way is painted fire engine red. Then from a room behind me, we hear a loud cry. Wifey and I look at each other, I tried to shrug it off and played it cool by going back to whatever I was reading, then another cry but louder this time.

The secretary, looks at me and asks "Sir, are you afraid?". How could not one be? When all you know is your spine will be re-aligned, but no one told you it would hurt like hell!

Silence. The crying has ceased, I could only hear the doctor's voice and what seems to be a grown man asking some questions. They appear in the waiting room with all smiles, as if nothing happened.

Dr. Pardis calls my name "Sir Benjie, step this way please." Hesitant but still trying to play it cool, I stepped into his observation room, which looked more like a torture cell with that weird bed that stood vertically and stools which were uniquely shaped.

After, the obligatory Q&A he asked me to strip off my shirt and he then proceeded to tap my back, and touch my neck. He soon asked me to stand on the vertical bed, I found myself looking for the chains as soon as I stepped on that gadget, which was made horizontal with a push of a button. He tapped my back, which Magene would soon tell me is called a lumbar tap, and asked me to inhale deeply and then exhale. I feel him put a little pressure on a part of my back, then CRACK! A mixture of amazement and relief came. Dr. Pardis went a few inches lower and did the same thing. I let out a sigh of relief, the same sigh I give out everytime I get a body massage. I was asked to lay on my back this time,as my neck was now the focus of Dr. Pardis' hands, he turned it slowly then a jerk. Magene laughed as she heard a series of crackle from each side of my neck. It was over, I was hoping for some more but I reminded myself that he was a Chiropractor not a masseur.

The torture-bed looking contraption went vertical, I felt good, Magene was smiling, Dr. Pardis was smiling. Everything was good. He gave me some final instructions and that I should see him soon for a follow-up, we paid his fee and was given a souvenir photo of my first visit.

On the way home, I couldn't help but talk how it felt good and how my back and neck was relieved.

Oh yeah, did I tell you how good it felt?