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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cable Babble

Lately, I was tapped by a good friend of mine to help him coordinate the production for the new cable channel that his company has recently leased. He has also seeked the help of a veteran Cebu Television director to be at the helm of the new shows that this channel will be producing.

As of date, I cannot reveal specific information regarding the channel nor its show formats but what I can tell you is that despite it being a cable channel, it will be shown in most parts of Visayas and Mindanao.

It has been chaotic for the past few weeks. TV is totally different from film. From schedules, logistics and auditions, everything's been crazy. Hopefully on Monday, the Chief Operations Officer will give us good news when comes back from the meeting with one of the biggest sponsors the channel and it's sister companies have, that will change everything and will make things a whole lot easier.

Here's a clue, if you're in Cebu and a subscriber of SkyCable, our station ID has been on display for the past two weeks or so.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The Witness on eKsperim[E]nto!

We just received word from the organizers of eKsperim[E]nto that THE WITNESS is an official selection for their film festival as part of the International Program 2: Love, Fear, Sacrifice & Displacement Inc. THE WITNESS is scheduled to be shown at the UP Film Center on Sept. 21, 2005 at 2PM. Here is the complete list of the selected entries for the International Program 2: Love, Fear, Sacrifice & Displacement Inc.:

STRANDED by Maureen Bradley [ Canada ] 03:52
EDEN by Gerard Cairaschi [ France ] 06:40
LAPINTHROPE by Alec Kinnear [ Canada / Austria ] 05:00
MIGRANE by Brendan Sawatzky [ Canada ] 05:00
COCTEAU CENTO by Dan Boord & Luis Valdovino [ USA ] 05:48
DIRTY BLUE BALOONS by Edgardi Parada [ USA ] 10:50
THE WITNESS by Jurly O. Maloloy-on [ Philippines ] 09:00
GHOST STORIES by Maciej Toporiwicz [ USA ] 13:18
ZOMBIE BUSINESS by Mario De Giglio-Bellemare [ Canada ] 16:00

eKsperim[E]nto Film and Video Festival is a volunteer-ran, non-corporate travelling festival committed to screen andprogram non-mainstream works of any format or medium. We are also promoting young, unknown and less-visible Filipino independent filmmakers and video artists. The festival focuses on experimental, independent, underground and non-mainstream works but screens almost anything that is interesting. Established in 1999 by a set of volunteer artists, our festival is the only traveling Filipino film and video festival featuring works from around the globe.

An annual festival that started in Seattle , Washington ( USA ), it is now held in Manila , with screening tours in key cities in the Philippines . Since its 4 th edition (2004), eKsperim[E]nto boasts of an eclectic programming - 100% of which are either Asian or Philippine premieres!

Festival Dates

The 5th edition of eKsperim[E]nto is scheduled to open on a Tuesday, September 20, 2005 and will end on September 24, 2005.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Have You Seen A Filipino Flick Lately? or Aling Bebang Goes To The Movies

What was the last filipino movie you saw? or Have you ever seen a Filipino flick?

What was the last Hollywood flick you saw?

I have always wondered why we Filipinos would rather watch Hollywood films rather than our own. The same inquiry has been posted in almost all venues of dicussion on the internet; forums, mailing lists and even the private exchange of emails. Has the Filipino cinema culture been so invaded by Hollywood that we would rather spend at least an hour in a queue to watch a premiere than to comfortably walk in to the theatre and watch a Filipino flick?

Then again, we just might be sick of "kontra-bidas" wearing jackets, no matter how hot it is; action stars, their sidekicks and their leading ladies suddenly bursting into a musical number and immediately having dancers who were just "accidentally" in the same beach ; of course, we all know that side kicks will eventually die in an action movie and the lead action star will take revenge; the rich young guy whose parents are against the notion of him falling in love with a provincial woman or vice-versa. Yes. These are the movies that sell. These are the movies that Aling Bebang would watch.

Aling Bebang represents almost 80 percent of all filipino movie-goers, she is the measuring stick of all big studio productions for success. If Aling Bebang goes to this movie, it is guaranteed to be a box office hit. Aling Bebang, the laundy woman, the market vendor, the street cleaner, the housewife. Aling Bebang, part of the "jologs" crowd.

But when are we going to treat Aling Bebang to a good movie?

The only reason why Aling Bebang chooses these types of movies is because these are the only types of movies that we make. These types of movies make money. But do not fret, as help is on the way in the form of independent Filipino movies.

Revolutionary filmmakers such as Khavn Dela Cruz, Lav Diaz, Sigfried Barros-Sanchez, Rox Lee and Peque Gallaga, have been trying to treat Aling Bebang to good movies. Thought provoking, inspiring and refreshing movies that will make you finally realize the worth of your movie ticket. It's about time.