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Monday, November 29, 2004

A Struggle With Comedy

For the past few weeks I have been struggling to write the pilot episode for Code Name: Bugoy. It was a concept I concocted to get all the funny juices flowing from the members of SineBuano. It involved a highschool graduate who suddenly became a dective because of a misdelivered letter.

I have always known that comedy was the hardest screenplay to write but I took the challenge, only to find out that I would soon ask the help of Jurly. I have given him an unfinished draft of the screenplay and told him to continue from where I had left off. He suggested that we go non-linear, let's see.

On my end, I will continue to try finishing my draft for this production, and will make revisions when the need arises.


Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Thought On Time much time do we really have in our hands? "If there just enought time", we'd always say when we fail to do accomplish tasks we hoped to finish. Writing and finishing this blog alone took time as I was interrupted by various fatherly chores, revisions and other mundane factors.

How long will we keep saying to ourselves that we have enough time? In most cases we defer doing things to another time, but what if the time to do that was now? What if the mystic universe's so-called fate relied on you doing this right now, right this instant? How do we know?

As I write this blog, I am also convincing myself not to rely on having "enough" time to do what is needed. I have probably wasted enough time to last me two, maybe three lifetimes.

Spending quality time is also essential to one's being. Be it with the family, friend or even a new acquaintance. Often times, we fathers think we've spent quality time with our family when it was all just quantity.

For now, let me excuse myself as I try to spend quality time with my wife and kids.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Talking with Al

The other night, I had a wonderful talk with one of the more famous stage directors in cebu, Al Evangelio. I met Al through Jurly, a member of SineBuano, during a story conference.

I watched him work as he directed students of SWU for his play "Rashomon", based on an Akira Kurosawa film. Like a curious cat, I wathced as Al moved around, the way he taught his actors, how he molded these young minds in to the ways of the stage. It was intense. His passion for the theater and acting was such that watching him work was a show in itself.

After the rehearsals, Al handed to me a VHS copy of the original "Rashomon" and I nervously handed him my first version of "UROM" in exchange. We then talked about film, SineBuano and found out that we almost were at the same wave length. Almost. We had differences with SineBuano's goals and aspirations, he wanted it to earn but not as immediate as someone expressed.

We shared life stories, fears (as an electrical transformer exploded a few meters from us), and the love for the arts.

Al encouraged me to keep writing and to keep sending him my drafts even just to encourage other members from SineBuano to keep filming. He then told me, "just remember, a script can only be good
if it can be filmed".

Admittedly, like others, I am easily impressed by people who have garnered awards in their field of work. What struck me most was how he welcomed a filming noob like me and how willing he was to teach the trade without second thoughts.

Al has now become more than just a person to look up to, he has also become a friend.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Pampering One's Self

I have always believed that one should pamper himself every once in a while. Whether it be a good cigar, an expensive gadget, a dinner at an expensive restaurant or my favorite, a good massage.

Magene and I went to the spa yesterday and got pampered by the masseuses of Body & Sole. We handed our bodies to their expert hands, and for a couple of hours we left the hustle and bustle of the city streets and gave in to the serene environment of the spa. Listening to the sounds of the ocean, which played in their piped-in music system, helped even more to make us relaxed. It was all worth every centavo spent.

Go ahead, take that brave step into the spa and be pampered.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

So you're leaving. Please close the door and lock the gates when you go.

As for us, we will go on and we will be happy. Happy to be working harmoniously and happy to go on with our plans without any primadonnas.

It was nice knowing you but you have to go.

Goodbye and Good Riddance.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Arrogance of A Man

How dare you think that just because you are the most experienced, you have to be treated like a king. Did you really think that all the hard work of this group will be in vain without you? We did all these WITHOUT you and your primadonna ways.

If you only knew how sick we are of having to put up with your immaturity. What have you REALLY contributed to the group? Except for all your drama.

We ask you for once to actively participate and you point us to the other direction. Yes, we will go to that direction and leave you rot in your own world.

You boast of your knowledge yet you choose to keep it to yourself. Well my fiend, you can keep that knowledge to the very end.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Non-working Mind

I've got a documentary, a comedy and another thriller screenplay to finish but somehow my mind can't get itself to work on either of the three. And yet, here I am writing this blog. oh well...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Chop my neck off ....please

For the past three days, I have been struggling with a pain on my neck. Wifey says it's my lymph node, I think it has to do something with my sleeping on a folding bed in Samboan. As of the moment I am relieved by a constant dose of pain killers.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Documentary Disaster is now Browser Disaster

I actually wrote a long and descriptive blog about the disaster of our supposed documentary of Samboan but my browser decided to close itself without allowing me to publish the blog. I will compose the blog soon but not tonight.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Off to Samboan

I'm preparing for my Samboan trip tomorrow. SineBuano will shoot a documentary about Samboan, a province of Cebu. I don't know what to expect but from what Nards tells us is that the place where we will be staying is right by the beach. Hopefully, will have time for a little R&R.

With 4 broadcast quality cameras, a veteran technical director, two good cinematographers and a newbie director, I wonder how the shoot will come out.


I finally finished my first screenplay called "UROM" or "Nighmare" when translated. It's a 15 mins short film about a man struggling with his murderous schizophrenic alter ego and ends up being defeated.

According to my friends at SineBuano, all it needs is a little tweaking with the dialogue and it's all ready for production.

Now, I'm working on a comedic short film called "CODE NAME: BUGOY". It's about how a mindless highschool undergrad becomes a top secret agent. I'm collaborating with Jurly on this one.

they're coming home!

after a week away from home, Magene and Val are finally coming home. thank goodness! I was starting to die of boredom.