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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Talking with Al

The other night, I had a wonderful talk with one of the more famous stage directors in cebu, Al Evangelio. I met Al through Jurly, a member of SineBuano, during a story conference.

I watched him work as he directed students of SWU for his play "Rashomon", based on an Akira Kurosawa film. Like a curious cat, I wathced as Al moved around, the way he taught his actors, how he molded these young minds in to the ways of the stage. It was intense. His passion for the theater and acting was such that watching him work was a show in itself.

After the rehearsals, Al handed to me a VHS copy of the original "Rashomon" and I nervously handed him my first version of "UROM" in exchange. We then talked about film, SineBuano and found out that we almost were at the same wave length. Almost. We had differences with SineBuano's goals and aspirations, he wanted it to earn but not as immediate as someone expressed.

We shared life stories, fears (as an electrical transformer exploded a few meters from us), and the love for the arts.

Al encouraged me to keep writing and to keep sending him my drafts even just to encourage other members from SineBuano to keep filming. He then told me, "just remember, a script can only be good
if it can be filmed".

Admittedly, like others, I am easily impressed by people who have garnered awards in their field of work. What struck me most was how he welcomed a filming noob like me and how willing he was to teach the trade without second thoughts.

Al has now become more than just a person to look up to, he has also become a friend.


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