My Place Under The Sun

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The past few days I have been entertaining my dad who came over with two of my uncles for some R&R. Tonight might as well be the most interesting dinner I have ever had with him.

During dinner I learned more about the history of the Ordoñez's. Don Felipe Ordoñez was a native of Mexico, Pampanga who married Maria Lacsamana Ordoñez. They bore 5 children, Alfredo (my grandfather), Pedro, Manuel, Eduardo and Auring. Alfredo was later assigned as a Railroad Manager in Batangas which prompted the family to move. He met Dolores "Loleng" Aldovino (my grandmother) during a barrio fiesta where she was a Reina. Alfredo and Loleng eloped and opted to stay in Batangas while the rest of the clan moved back to Mexico, Pampanga. Pedro, Manuel and Eduardo perished during the 2nd World War. Doña Maria, who was said to be depressed about the death of his three children, died in Mexico, Pampanga. Auring is currently living in Canada.

Alfredo and Loleng bore 11 children.

According to the story, Don Filipe died when Alfredo was 10 years old. Doing a little math says that Alfredo was born in 1912, therefore Don Filipe passed away in 1922. Now subtracting 35 from 1922 will give us the year 1887.

All along I have always prided myself as a true blooded Batangueño. This dinner conversation changed my life. It made me want to dig dipper into the lives of Don Filipe and Doña Maria, hopefully even get a photograph of them. A little glimpse of who they were, and maybe even a deeper sense of who I am.

Don Filipe Ordoñez
1877 - 1922