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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

SineBuano Update

Just thought I'd give you guys an update on SineBuano.

I am yet to recieve the footages of Pusod and start editing.

Colon: Ang Paglantaw
We got some more footages for this documentary, however, we still need to interview 2 more people and start writing the script.

DM Judillo has joined SineBuano
The 2nd placer for the 2004 MTV:The Pitch has indeed joined SineBuano. A chemist by day, this 24 year old Cebuano (?) supposedly transforms into a possessed writer by night. He has submitted "Tuwing Tag-ulan", a story of three friends who entertain themselves through imagination.

Tuwing Tag-ulan will be translated into Cebuano and will hopefully be done in time for the next Salida event.

Missing Filemon: MTV
Cheryl Baldicantos of STCinema has informed us that alternative rock band Missing Filemon wants an MTV to be produced by SineBuano. Initial talks regarding this MTV tells us that the song "Sine-Sine" was chosen. Meetings will start this week.

Salida: Dos
Zarah Smith of Handuraw wants to do another Salida on either July 1 or July 9. I'm thinking of asking the International Academy for Film and Telivision (arrgh!) if they'd want to join this time. Films that come to mind for the July event are: "The Witness" by SineBuano, "Obssession" by Merrell Tabuela, "Duha-Duha" by Januar Yap and "Red Saga" by STExposure. Hopefully, either "Pusod" or "Tuwing Tag-ulan" will be done in time for Salida: Dos


  • Hi, I've found your blog while I was searching for SineBuano on the Web. Saw your film KADAUWAN earlier on TV (I can distinctly remember it was Channel 60) and I was impressed by how you added a Kurosawa-style effect in the introduction. The movie was fine though the actors really didn't make an impression. :)

    I was hoping I could join the Cebu Indie Film scene as I would like to learn more about Filmmaking. I have some scripts that I think would qualify for shorts and I am also looking for mentors on this field. I am interested for an apprenticeship if there's any, do you have any recommendations?

    Please advice.
    Sorry for my blog, it hasn't been updated for some several months as I have gotten too lazy with it. You may be able to reach me though through my email. Looking forward for your positive reply. Thanks.

    By Blogger maynardmurlon, at 3:31 AM  

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