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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Colon: The Documentary

SineBuano is currently re-shooting a documentary on Colon Street. Named after Christopher Columbus or Crisanto Colon in Spanish, it is the oldest street in the Philippines.

We're adding a few more interviews and doing a little more research.

Interesting to note that during our research at the Cebuano Studies Center, we found out that Colon was actually a residential area during the 19th Century. Most of Cebu City's elite families lived in Colon, also known as Parian during that period. here's some photos I digitized for the film:

Mabini cor Colon street circa 1900

The building at the far end of the street was where hijos del pueblo once stood, now replaced by the Gaisano building.

*if i am not mistaken, you can still get this view if you stand on the marker placed on that corner and look towards Colon.

Vision Theater 1945

A post-war picture of the Vision Theater. The building still stands but no longer serves as a movie theater.


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