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Friday, April 29, 2005


I finally got a copy of Siglo:Freedom which won the National Book Award for Best Comic Book of the Year. Thanks to Dean Alfar.

While I am not much of a comic book reader, Siglo:Freedom gave me a new perspective on comic books. You see, the last comic book I bought was in the early 80's. And most the comic books I know involved some type of leotard-wearing flying superhero, but Siglo had none of these.

Siglo:Freedom is a collection of graphic stories about the Filipino experience of freedom. What makes this comic book different is first, some of the stories were written by some of the great minds of Filipino literature. The likes of Dean Alfar, Nikki Alfar, Vin Simbulan (ok..ok..they're my friends but they ARE multiawarded writers). Secondly, Siglo was inked by some of the best filipino illustrators today, Andrew Drilon, Gerry Alanguilan, Marco Dimaano, Elbert Or, among others.

Siglo:Freedom is no ordinary comic book. It is a piece of literature that one should read, whether you like comic books or not, Siglo:Freedom must have a space in your book rack.


  • Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked it. Someday soon, the next one, Siglo:Passion should be out ;)

    By Blogger Dean, at 11:41 AM  

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