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Thursday, March 24, 2005

An Afternoon with STExposure

I just spent a good afternoon talking to one of indie film's progressive documentary groups called Southern Tagalog Exposure or STExposure. We talked about the trials and triumphs of indie films and their brushes with the law.

Among the group was Virgilio "King" Catoy who along with Eden Marcellana, Eddie Gumanoy,Francisco Saez and Melvin Jocson, was abducted by a group who reportedly identified themselves as "Alsa Masa" while investigating alleged Human Rights violations in . King, Francisco and Melvin survived the ordeal while the two were later found dead.

Eden was secretary general of the Southern Tagalog office of the human rights group KARAPATAN while Eddie was Chairperson of the peasant group KASAMA-TK.

We also talked about being able to share our work for free and how my group, SineBuano, and STExposure link up to create awareness about indie films.

It was an interesting talk, I must say and it inspired to continue trying to reintroduce Cebuano films to the Cebuanos. And try to do it as FREE as possible, no matter where the venue might be.


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