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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Anthology

Sit down, listen to the piano, have some cognac (a.k.a. Fundador) and maybe some chocolates in the living room of a Jewish mother and his son as they tell you their obessesion of Music and the Jewish people, relive the horrible past of the holocaust.

This is "The Anthology", a very entertaining interactive play that was staged at the Marcelo Fernan Press Center by the Cebu Arts Council.

I was amazed at how interactive this play was, it broke down the imaginary wall usually taught to isolate the actors from the audience as both characters walked around the theater, served cognac (actually, it was Fundador) and chocolates, and even went all the way to the console booth. While they talked about the Jewish people and how it was to live during World War II.

The ending was a surprise. As the lights dimmed, the mother was playing the piano and the son asleep on top of it, she asked that the audience leave the theater quietly as to not to disturb the sleeping son. It kind of reminded you of visiting a relative with an overactive son.

The Marcelo Fernan Press Center was a perfect choice for this play.


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