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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Festival Angst (?)

Imagine a festival in a 180 seater cinema with only 20, maybe less, viewers. And half of those were the speakers themselves, the volunteers and staff of the event and 2-5 paying viewers.

Why did this happen?
It's finals week. The base market audience, the students, are too busy thinking about failing from their subject than wondering what the symbolisms of a particular shot meant. With at least 600+ mass communication students from all over Cebu City, losing them will mean certain death for a festival.

Now, do this 7 times. That will mean definite business loss for the cinema complex.

2 weeks preparation was not enough. This should've been thoughtout well before the job of organizing was even accepted. It's not enough that you were able to do this, what's important is whether or not the goal was achieved.


  • 'felt the same way... it was truly disappointing to learn there were merely a few people who really went in... it was a big chance sana for a lot of students to witness something like the .mov digital filmfest..

    By Blogger aCey, at 2:28 PM  

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