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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cebu Divided

A couple of legislators think that by dividing the province of Cebu will mean faster progress for certain municipalities outside the metro. I guess they didn't have anything better to do. How did it go?

INT. Session Hall. Day

The congressmen are having a session. Tongressman #1 taps the shoulder of Tongressman #2.

Tongressman #1
"Hey, we don't seem to have any new legislation."

Tongressman #2
"I know! let's cut up a small province!"

Tongressman #1
"Hmmm...but wouldn't that... aaah what the heck! sure! I'm in!"

Tongressman #2
"Just think, more provinces will mean more Country Development Fund for us"

Tongressman #1
"Yeah! And we'll make them think they need it for independence! Let's tell the Tomas about this new plan!"



Tongressman #1
"....and Tommy, we really think it's about time that the other provinces have their own identity"

Tongressman #2
"Yes, and we also believe that it will mean progress for these municipalities"

Mayor Osmeña
"As much as I respect your opinions..."

Mayor Osmeña reaches back and slaps the heads of the two Tongressmen.

Mayor Osmeña (CONT'D)
"I think you two should stop smoking, smoke is getting to your heads!"

To quote a post from a forum:

Talking about Provincial Secession:

First of all I want to say all those three cebuano ligislators have no idea what it takes to do a provincial secession.

They don't know that it's going to cost probably in the billions of pesos just to do a feasibility study. Where are they going to get the money? For sure Cebu wouldn't be willing to pay for it.

How about the areas that wants to secede from Cebu? Can they afford to buy back the infrastructure that Cebu has already constructed? Can they afford to maintain it?

How about public utilities? Cable, Telephone, Water, Power and Gas? Will they be willing to pay more for utility fees?

How about sewer or storm drain fees if there are any?

How about public services like police, fire department, trash collectors and the like?

I'm sure Cebu is going to get it's money back from the separating body in the form of assessment, tranfer taxes or other fees.

Can the separating body sustain on it's own?

One thing for sure these three legislators have to prove that they are not going to make it's citizens life misearable.

Will the separating body have enough commmerce to generate enough revenue to maintain or improve it's own?

I say good luck to those legislators!


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