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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Goodbye Tatang

Tonight, my grandfather passed away. Ignacio Idang was a good grandfather who, with his wisdom and patience, guided me through my troubled years.

I can't continue. sorry.


  • My mother died here in Georgia while they were with me. Then out of loneliness and emptiness akon Tatay ni pauli sa atu, a year after my mother's death. Then, in 1994 my Tatay passed away. What hurts the most was that everything seemed to happen all at the wrong time (I know there's no right time for such) and I was not able to leave USA for the funeral.

    The only consolation I had was that, when I said goodbye to my Tatay at the Atlanta airport, I was able to tell him, "I love you, Tay. We all love you Tatay." Along with my wife and 2 boys at the time, I said something that I have never said to him during my entire childhood time with him. He 'left and went home' to the next world without me being able to say goodbye to him. That hurts Benjie, I tell you. I bear the pain until now. In fact I never admit in my mind that he's gone. In my mind he is very well alive. Our memories together make him live within me.

    Sakit kaayo paminawon bai, peru,maoy sulti sa mga tigulang- "bisag unsa kataas sa prosesyon, mopauli jud sa simbahan." I lost my grand father and my father and I was not at their sides to at least say, "Good bye."

    I know you love your Tatang. But that is life Benjie. His memories will live in you forever. Value the memories and think of how proud your Tatang is, of you.
    Life goes on Benjie.

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