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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mactan or Mactang?

According to a columnist friend of mine, historians are still debating whether Ferdinand Magellan landed in Mactan Island or Sito Mactang in Poro, Camotes Island. He says if Lapu-Lapu was a "Porohanon" it might have well been Mactang Island.

Mactang Island is nearer from Limasawa than Mactan, my friend adds. And according to records, Mactan Island was formerly known as Opon Island, further indicating the Mactang Island could've been the site for the famous battle. Further reading on the subject also tells me that there were no recorded excavations done in Mactan, while diggings done in the 70s yielded daggers, shields, swords, skull pierced with an arrowhead, and other artifacts, in fact they say that the evidence is displayed in the municipal hall.

If it was Mactang, then when did the transformation of Mactang to Mactan happen? or did it really happen in Mactan? or is it Mactang?


  • As far as I can remember, all our reference books in school always refer to Opon as Mactan Island. In fact, I remember when I went with my father to Mactan to visit some friends and relatives their conversation would always mention "Opon" or sometimes, "Opong."

    I remember how they always used the name, Opon. All of them calls the place Opon. The people calls their place Opon and only in our books did they mention the word Mactan Island. How accurate is our history recorded? Where did Mactan come from? Hmmm, makes me wonder too.

    By Blogger SunRiser, at 9:49 AM  

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