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Monday, January 17, 2005

After Effects

Can't believe I stayed out 'till 4:00am this morning. You see, after a whole day photo shoot at the Sinulog, I met with a couple of friends in Ayala. We had to park a couple of blocks away from Ayala because of the traffic and the Sinulog merry makers.

As we walked towards Ayala, the fireworks has just begun. I quickly brought out my camera and snapped a couple of shots. Then we continued on to our destination, the Ayala mall parking lot. Bumping more than just elbows with complete strangers, we finally got into the concert area and saw our friends on stage singing their version of "Shake Yo Booty" and booty shaking the cebuanos did. And I tried to capture the moment with my camera.

JMart, Ogie, MJ and Goldie, better known as Retrospect have been shaking booties for quite sometime now. Their repetoire of 70's and 80's disco have never ceased to make people get on their feet and dance.

When they saw us arrived, I exchanged hi-fives with the quartet and began pressing my shutter.

After the party and all the pleasantries usually involved with people seeing a famous band, we all agreed to meet at their hotel and plan a party of our own.

Bigby's in Ayala was the first stop to fill ourselves first before sweating it out dancing. We then proceeded to Ratsky's much to Ogie and Mj's dismay. Since they do sing in Ratsky's Malate every Monday, Ogie suggested that go to VUDU instead.

Arriving in Vudu, we were greeted by the usual looks and exchanged pleasantries again with familiar faces and faces unknown to I and Magene. We all got our cocktails and beers then squeezed ourselves into the club where we saw other celebrities who was in Cebu for the Sinulog, namely Marc Nelson, Roy Ovilson and Karel Marquez.

During a lull moment at the club, a girl by the name of Joy sat at our table was intently listening to our conversation, I then introduced ourselves to her and she asked if JMart was a member of retrospect and went on telling us how much she loved the band, how sorry she was not to catch the Ayala show. Being in a friendly mood, I told her that she missed the show I'll introduce her to the Band instead. I then proceeded to grab each one of them and introduced her. She was overwhelmed, her jaw literally dropped. I felt good, that it made her feel good.

At 4am and a few drinks later, it was time to head home and get some much needed rest after, literally, a whole day of partying.'s not just a whole day affair, it a 24 hour party!


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