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Sunday, January 02, 2005

This Years Resolutions

As with the filipino tradition of making new year's resolutions, here are mine:

1. I shall be more patient in dealing with people.

- I have high expectations from people around me, may it be from my personal or business life, I always expect them to be at par with what I think should be done. This may seem egotistic, but thats who I am.

However, I realize that not everyone knows what is needed and sometimes have to be spoonfed, and this is where most of the conflict begins. I am one who does not like spoonfeeding people, I believe that one should take the initiative to act when needed. But as I said, this is where most of the conflicts begin.

2. I shall strive to make my business grow

- While this isn't really what can be considered a resolution, I will continue to strive to make my business grow. In this times of economic strife, we cannot let our guard down when it comes to our businesses.


- Yes world, I will get off my computer chair once in a while to get my sweat glands working. Of course, diet (die-t) comes with this (bleech). I need to shed off some extra pounds, for my own good and for my family as well.

One may ask, why bother make yearly resolutions which will be probably forgotten in a few months time? Well my dears, it's all about setting goals. Its about trying to become a better person, and as Dean said "Better, always better to try".


  • Gah! I need to get rid of my lard as well! Happy, happy New Year, my rediscovered friend. I look forward to wondrous things from your mind and eye ;)

    By Blogger Dean, at 10:38 AM  

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