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Thursday, December 02, 2004

No More Script

december 24th
nine p.m.
eastern standard time
hereon in i shoot without a script
see if anything comes of it
instead of my own shit....

I along with the people that'll be behind the production of Code Name: Bugoy have decided to shoot with just a storyline, a couple of dialogues without a screenplay.

The screenplay I was writing will not be the pilot episode. Jurly and Gerald decided that the pilot episode should be explosive enough to keep the audiences wanting for more. After the story conference, I went home wondering what will happen with Bugoy, "how will the actors get a feel of what's happening? how will they know where to go?"

Then I though about the people I will be with.

Jurly has always shot his films without scripts, except for "The Witness", and his forte is comedy. Gerald's technical genius will lead Bugoy to where it should go. "Fuck it. Let's shoot" I finally said to myself.


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