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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Will Cebu be able to pull it off?

For the past few days now, I've been wondering if Cebu will be able to pull off a Visayan Film Festival after a very long hiatus. One might think that with Mowelfund at our back, we shouldn't have any problems. Think again.

According to Cebu coordinator for the film fest, the original budget was cut by almost a quarter. I still have to get used to the NEW Cebu coordinator who got his post because of a technicality over the old one. The old coordinator never showed up in any of the meeting after the ascendancy. Which also meant that the other members of the coordinating board, SineBuano included, were left hanging.

Just tonight, I had to create the new advertising packages for the film fest plainly because the new coordinator couldn't get a copy of the old packages. An old movie that is included in the screening schedule hasn't been found yet because the person who claims to have found a copy could not be gotten in touch with.

Oh, did I mention that there's a recognition and film congress as well? ARGH!


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