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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Friends Who Make You Learn.

I miss talking with friends whose intelligence makes me feel that I have a lot to learn. I'm talking about friends like Dean Alfar and his lovely wife Nikki, Vinnie Simbulan, Andrew Mercado and Dennis Mojado. These are the people I love being with. These are the people that I don't mind spending countless hours just chattering about while the air is filled with cigarette smoke.

Listening attentively and making mental notes about what was discussed that night. Wondering how their imaginations lead them to such creativitiy. Not minding the time that has gone by and not realizing the time of the day.

Yes, I am lucky to have such friends. No matter how far they are or how seldom we get in touch, they will remain friends. Geez, how I miss them.


  • We miss you too! Take care, Benj!

    The Alfars

    By Blogger Dean, at 3:24 PM  

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