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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Salida is the official event title for the Handuraw film screening event to be held on April 23, 2005. According to our latest meeting, 2 Cebuano bands will also be part of this event namely Junior Kilat and Powerspoonz.

There will also be slight changes in the program. Decided by a draw of lots by those present during the meeting (Zarah Smith, Ron Heri Tan, Jurly and Doreen Maloloy-on, Magene Ordoñez and I) the following films will be shown:

1. Alingawngaw ng Punglo by STExposure
2. Binaliw by Kristoffer Villarino
3. Bitin na Pagibig by Victor Villanueva
4. The Witness by Jurly Maloloy-on
5. Theresa by Norbert Elnar
6. Gabay by Remton

A P75.00 entrance fee will also be asked at the gate. (This took at least an hour of lively discussion, whether or not to charge)

Mark your calendars folks! Show starts at 8pm.


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