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Sunday, June 19, 2005

WIL and Colon

...and how is everyone?

I had an interesting weekend. As you guys know, our Colon documentary is still in production. Yesterday, I finally had a chance to talk with a group of women called "Women's International League". They have been trying to wrestle Cebu's local government to put up historical markers along Colon, ironically, the government though it was a waste of time and money.

What's interesting is the composition of WIL officers. Imagine, the Chairman of Southwestern University, Owner of a chinese fastfood chain and A real estate mogul in one interview. Over pancit palabok, we exchanged ideas on how and why Colon should be preserved. Time and time again, we were told that the documentary about Colon has a social impact in Cebu's society and how important it is that we be careful about this film. *gasp*

During the interview, an expose came about. How 10 million pesos was supposed to be used for the beautification of Colon and how the local government easily realigned this budget for a more important cause, the election. How only four councilors attended the special session where they were to discuss the importance of these markers, How WIL was discouraged by people in the government saying that Colon is beyond help.

Interesting indeed. What's also interesting is that both Mayor Tommy Osmeña and V-Mayor Mike Rama were direct descendants of original Colon residents. And Rama also claims that while he was young, he was a "Colon boy" delivering eggs and chicken to all restaurants in the area after the war.


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