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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Getting A Beautiful Lover Wet Part 2: The Climax

I told Butch that I was done with my shots and started packing my gear after taking a quick snapshot of him driving Denja.

He pushed the throttle of the utility boat to full and it's front end rised as we pushed towards Balicasag. Butch stood up once in a while to look out for corals, bouys and other elements that we might hit. Soon enough he stood up and shouted "dolphins!", we all stood up to marvel at the pod of dolphins as they swam and shouts of "wow!", "yehey!" , "ooh" and "aah" filled the air as these ceteceans frolicked freely in the open sea waters. The only time I saw dolphins were either stuffed, in an aquarium or in one of theose marine shows outside the country.

Butch drove Denja just near enough the pod that they started swimming with the boat. We slowed down to enjoy the show that the dolphins gave us. It was at least a good 10 minutes that we enjoyed the dolphins' company when the pod decided they've impressed us enough and went on with their business. And we went to Balicasag Island.

Balicasag is an impressive sight, a small island surrounded by clear salt water. No wonder it was a haven for divers and snorklers a like. We went around the island once and chose were to dock our boat where the crew of the Magandang Cariad would see us. Butch and our guide skillfully docked the boat and dropped the anchor.

We, quited literally, jumped off the boat and into the water. What I thought was white sand was actually a mixture of small shells and coral stones that were small enough not to hurt the soles of our feet.

I looked at my watched which told me we had only 10 minutes left before we had to go back to our hut, pack our bags head back to the real world. Butch, Jade and I enjoyed the full 10 minutes. We sat by the beach and marveled how lucky we were to be there.

As I told my friends, "An invitation from Andy is something you never say 'No' to".



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