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Friday, May 05, 2006

Goodbye Tita Lor

One of the people I have high respects for was brought to her final resting place today. Lorinda M. Carlos, fondly called "Tita Lor" by those who hold her dear to their hearts is now with the Creator.

Tita Lor was a wise person who guided me through my troubled childhood, I fondly remember how she would take time to talk to me and find out how I was everytime she would visit us in our old Parañaque home. She reminded me that I should read more, learn to speak fluently and why I should always try to look good. She spoiled me with candies, food and all the wonderful things that a child would want everytime I would go to visit her. She remained patient with all my mistakes, and only had words of kindness.

Tita Lor with her smart, no nonsense look, with her Benson and Hedges or imported Hope cigarette. Her presences demanded respect and respect was given to her by my entire family.

So much respect and love was given to her by immediate family that when she came to the burial of my Tatang everyone lined up and took turns in asking for her blessing.

I was never able to say Thank You for all that she has done for me. And only through this blog will I be able to.

"Thank You Tita Lor, you've touched so many lives, especially mine. Thank your for your words of wisdom and your patience. With your passing I feel that a part of me is now empty and lost."



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