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Friday, August 26, 2005

Team E.M.C.: The Gathering

After a few months of having almost no contact with my fellow Team EMC members, we finally got together at Chito's house to celebrate the freedom of one of our members who was incarcerated for two years without any charges filed against him, he simply was fighting what he thought was right.

It was good to see familiar faces. Hugs and handshakes, food and beer were plentiful. We exchanged life stories, kept ourselves updated with the latest on-goings in our lives while, as Karlon used to put it, "breaking bread". We reminisced all the things we went through, from the trainings to the events to the infamous operation we had in Ayala Business Park in Cebu. We were also introduced to people who were with our friend during his incarceration. An interesting bunch, if I must say so.

Team EMC, after all the trainings, airsoft games and clandesting operations, issues and arguments, is still founded on friendship. A refuge when everything and everyone seemed to have abandoned you.

As for our friend, he still has to go back to Manila to fulfill his duty as part of an investigating panel. Not bad for someone who was put away and relieved of his duties.


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