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Saturday, July 02, 2005

SALIDA: DOS After Action Report

It was another interesting night for SineBuano and SALIDA:DOS. With barely one week to promote the event, send out flyers and a barrage of text messages, Zarah Smith of Handuraw and I were surprised that we still surpassed our 25 person quota.

After the obligatory introduction and my Cebuano film advocacy speech, the lights dimmed to let the projector glimmer with the first film. Nervousness set in. I started asking myself "Will they like the films?", "Did I do the programming right?", and other questions that come to me every SALIDA. Every SALIDA was different, while there were familiar faces, this batch of viewers were mostly composed of people whom I've never seen before.

In the darkness, you could not hear a thing though you could barely see smiles and people leaning to towards their friends whispering. The film faded to black, the credits started to roll. A single pair of hands clapping soon accompanied by a few more, until an explosion of applause filled the room, some even started shouting in delight. I smiled.

Film after film, I felt the audience appreciate the effort put into each and every film that was shown to them that night. It was a good night to be a filmmaker.

To keep their attention, we went into breaks filled by music from the guest bands. Shadowbox Serenade with its gothic / metal sound led by Christian Linaban filled their eardrums with his unsual mix of goth and metal, chanting and growling, something that Cebuanos haven't heard before. Sheila and the Insects came on the second break with their new wave music from their latest album "Manipulator", I started bobbing my head and remembering the good old 80's. Immediately followed by Missing Filemon making a come back after almost 3 years, still sounding grea, singing about being a Cebuano. They also sang "Sine-Sine" which, according to band's lead, was inspired by the first Salida event. SineBuano will make an MTV for Sine-Sine.

In one of my trips outside the cafe to light a cigarette, I was approached by a young man who said he has always wanted to be a filmmaker and was further inspired by SALIDA. It just doesn't get any better than this.

"Gutom ako", I told the rest. The SineBuano posse headed down to Talamban and looked for an open tapsilog place at 2:30am. In turns out that they too had unique experiences while on their assigned posts, the revelry continued until Jurly felt the need to go home. We all went home knowing that we've taken another step to reintroduce Cebuano films and inspired both the old and new filmmakers to make more Cebuano films.

Thank you to everyone that took time, the bands who played, Handuraw Cafe and all the filmmakers who entrusted SineBuano with their films for making it possible.

Ato 'ni mga bai!


  • I remember seeing still pictures of the movie "Remember Erlinda" sa balay sa akong lolo. Didto ko nakabawo nga nagsideline sad diay akong mga lolo from both sides of my family ug mga bit roles sa Cebuano movies. Akong usa sad ka lolo si Riel Ylaya, gasulat sad tug mga script for TV nobelas sa una. Ang akong tiyo, si Edgar Ylaya, nisugod ug gawas-gawas sa TV kadtung Goat The Wanderpol. Somehow, even though dili ko artistahon pareho sa akong mga paryente, I feel their passion for being involved in our own brand of movies. Great to know there's a revival diha sa atoa. :-)

    By Blogger rene, at 9:04 PM  

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