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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Kada-Uwan (Everytime It Rains)

Kada-Uwan (Everytime It Rains) is the latest (and hopefully will be the last this year) short film production of SineBuano. The script written by Denis Judilla is almost finished, save a few footages for the last scene. I directed with Jurly Maloloy-on as DP.

It is a story of three friends realizing the power of imagination and how people have somehow forgotten how fun it could be to use it.

It was an intresting shoot, it was a test of how much I have learned so far and where I stand as a Director. While most of the time I would prefer having a monitor to see how the shot would look like, the scenes in the room just made it impossible for us to put one in and we didn't have jacks long enough to feed it outside. I had to trust my DP which is really an easy thing to do but the photographer in me wants to see what's happening. It also made me realize the technical equipment that we need and what we are able to accomplish as a filmmaking group.

Film is indeed a collaborative art.


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