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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tisoy's Carinderia

Along A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City, Cebu the legendary cager Ramon "El Presidente" Fernandez has put a restaurant called "Tisoy's Carinderia" that serves local cebuano food. Being the adventurous eaters that we are, wifey and I thought we tried it out.

As we entered, one could not help notice the walls filled with pictures and news clippings from the cager's heydays and in one wall a resume of his achievements and awards throughout his basketball career. And to top it all, El Presidente was actually there.

But we were there for the food, so Magene and I went straight to the food counter. I couldn't help notice the sign that said "Pinakurat na Baboy Ihas" or "Wild Boar soup". Magene on the otherhand could not make up her mind as to what she wanted. I asked the waiter for an order of the Baboy Ihas, he immediately answered that it was out of stock. Magene looked under the covered vats that displayed the signs "Linarang", "Balbacua", "Dinuguan" and the "fresh seafood" that was covered entirely in ice. I usually get pissed with establishments that display items that are "out of stock", however, we were too hungry to get peeved.

We ordered our usual sizzling sisig, my favorite dinuguan (blood stew) and 4 sticks of barbeque and cokes. Food was given to us within 15mins, steaming hot. Magene tasted the dinuguan and said that it was good and the spicyness was just right, I smiled in delight and started gobbling my rice and dinuguan. I soon took part of the sisig and as soon as it reached my tastebuds, I immediately grabbed the ice-cold coke.

The barbeque soon along with the sizzling sisig. The sisig was too spicy even for my spice numbed taste buds. The barbeque wasn't anything spectacular.

Overall, if you are a fan of the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) legend or just a PBA fan, you'd be happy just looking at the walls filled with clipping and information about El Presidente's career. If you're looking for great food that's close to everything else, you're better off eating somewhere else.


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