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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More on Duda / Doubt

Here's the synopsis for Chris Pablo's Duda / Doubt taken from the movie's website:

Duda (Doubt)

(based on a true story)

How far will you go for love? A television news reporter, a documentary director, a tv producer and their set of liberated friends redefine the concept of love, relationships and fidelity in the post-modern love story.

April, the reporter is in her early thirties and has yet to find the right man. She has yet to find love in her heart and this is her big problem. She feels she can not love.

Cris, the director is in his mid-thirties and is fighting for the love he thinks is present in the turbulent relationship that he is in now. He has to keep it intact despite some acts of infidelity by his partner. This is his big problem, his partner is falling out of love and Cris’s world is falling apart.

Addi (Rey Pumaloy), the designer, who’s love has long been gone is stuck to his idealistic view on love and romance. This is his problem, his not being able to move on when he knows he barely has time left to find the right partner.

Azel, the bestfriend, is giving all the love and attention her beloved bestfriend can not reciprocate. This is her problem, being so in love with her best friend Erik that she unconsciously manipulates everything to destroy his relationships.

Erik, the breadwinner, is confused whether to stay with the turbulent relationship that he has or to move on with the promising new love affair that he is into. This is his dilemma, his family’s giving him no choice but to stay with the person who does not love.

When you begin to suspect that the person you love is unfaithful, what will you do? When you find out that there is someone else, a third party, will you fight for love? How far will you go for love?

“DUDA” is a story on trust and deception, sex and lust, life and love.


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