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Monday, September 10, 2007


For 8 years now, I have been sharing my life with someone who's always been there to support and give all she got for her family. My bestfriend, a good mother and a wonderful wife who despite all the craziness that's been happening around her has kept her poise and strength.

Yes, we've laughed, cried and argued. But she has always kept things together. Without her, things fall apart.

Thank you for all the support and strength you've shown when I am weak.
Thank you for all the love you've shown to me and the kids.
Thank you for the wonderful meals you cook for us.
Thank you for the laughter and all the interesting things you show me.
Thank you for making life more interesting.
Thank you.

Happy Birthday my dear wife!



  • How sweet of you, Benj! It's wonderful to read heartfelt words like this, especially from a guy! (Hehe) Happy birthday to Magene from me, too. Hope you're all doing well.

    By Blogger Cy Villegas, at 4:36 AM  

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